About the Q-athon

SCAT’s 7th Annual Canine Cancer Q-a-thon

Save our pets.

It’s about time we eradicated canine cancer (we’ve lost too many beloved dogs), but let’s have fun doing it. To date, we’ve raised just shy of $50,000 including matching funds. Let’s keep going.

In May, SCAT is sponsoring its seventh Canine Cancer Q-a-thon. Hit up your colleagues, friends and family for a dollar for each Q earned during our May trial and we’ll donate the money to Chase Away K9 Cancer (they support The National Canine Cancer Foundation). Or, if this won’t earn you as much as you’d like, select your own criteria: $1 for each contact made; for each successful start line; heck, for each obstacle completed. Make up your own criteria. Creativity counts.

We will publish a list of everyone who’s entered and the team’s criteria so you can cheer everyone on over the weekend. We’ll offer prizes for the most creative criteria and for the most criteria met.

Here’s how to enter:

  1. Send an email with the following information to cancerQathon@me.com and you’re entered:
    1. Your name
    2. Your dogs’ name(s) (multiple entries happily accepted)
    3. Your contact information: email, phone number
    4. Your criteria: Qs, contacts, whatever – be creative.

We also accept honorary entries. Give us the name of the pet you’d like to honor; provide a criteria, and we know the pet will have performed perfectly at every opportunity (so, for example, if you choose perfect contacts, we will count the number of contacts over the weekend and credit you for each one).

  1. Donors/supporters may pay online (this is preferred): http://wearethecure.org/chaseaway/index.php/product/honor-a-special-occasion/   (It would be great if you noted “SCAT Q-athon” in the section where you identify the event.)     OR — if it’s easier to collect checks, bring them to the trial. We will also take credit cards at the trial for the first time.

And if you can’t make it to the May trial, but want to participate, we’ll happily accept your results from another trial or training achievements (how many perfect weaves your dog did in a week of practice, for example). There’s just no reason to miss this. Phone in your results over the weekend so we can keep you in the tally. Email your interest and criteria and we’ll give you a number to call.

That’s it.

Fun. Easy. Productive. Saves dogs.


For questions and/or to submit your criteria for the Canine Cancer Q-a-thon, please email: cancerqathon@me.com

For information about Chase Away K9 Cancer, go to: http://chaseawayk9cancer.org/

To donate: go to the “Honor a Special Occasion” page on Chase Away K9 Cancer’s website: http://wearethecure.org/chaseaway/index.php/product/honor-a-special-occasion/

Please note “SCAT Q-a-thon” as your “special occasion” and the “Recipient” is whomever you are sponsoring (it can be yourself) — this is so we can track our totals.

[The corgi you see here is Bella — the Warrior Princess — she is in month 52 of being healthy post cancer diagnosis. The love this girl gives to anyone who knows her is exactly why we do this. Everyone deserves a similar outcome and we’re working to achieve it. Bella is competing this weekend to raise money to save other dogs too.]